Random thoughts 1/7/16 9:15 PM

In life you’re going to find that things will surprise you. Things will pop out of nowhere and fill your head with thoughts you never thought you’d think. You’ll dream dreams you’d never thought you’d dream. People will act in ways you would have never thought to act. And colors will seem more vibrant or more dull depending on your mood.

You’ll have boring days filled with nothing. This might lead you into depression and anxiety or a good nap. You might wake up feeling refreshed and write an awesome song on the guitar. Or you might not be able to get to sleep at night because of it and be pissed off the whole next day.

You might spend days at work trying to do everything in your own strength before you remember that you’re supposed to call upon God for these sorts of things. The world spins and your lazy relationship with Him doesn’t make it stop or go any more than it would have. But if you’re a guilty person like me, it might feel like it.

When the earth halts its steady rotation because you’re not reading and praying, remember that you’re delusional. And that the earth is actually moving and so are you. And it won’t feel this way forever and there’s a lot to look forward to. If nothing else. Heaven.

Your husband might die or your cat might die. You might live married till age 80 and pass away quietly holding hands in your bed on a ranch. Don’t think about these things too much. They’ll just drive you crazy. Trust me.

Live in the moment. Breathe deeply every once in a while. Ponder deep questions like whether Christians should do Yoga or smoke weed.

And all in all, show yourself grace. Because if you’re as half as scatterbrained as I am, you probably feel like you don’t get much accomplished and that your relationships with God and people are pretty off track. This may very well be true with people, but all relationships between people tend to be messy, so don’t worry. And your relationship with God is going well, despite what you may think. He loves you to the moon and back, and more. Even if you watch an entire movie without thinking about Him when you should be folding laundry and putting away dishes, and even if you don’t read your Bible for two whole days.

He’s gotta look down and think we’re pretty silly anyways, fretting over the tiniest things. Count the stars, read a book, and take a bath. If the thought of those things make you feel guilty for any reason, show yourself some grace. You’re only human afterall.


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